Our practice is a simple one

We sit silently, in stillness, on chairs rather than on cushions on the floor, aware of whatever is happening for us at that moment.

Watching the breath as it enters and leaves the body, we may become aware of sounds, or sensations in the body, or take note of our thoughts and feelings. 

If you’d prefer to sit on a cushion or a stool on the floor, and you have what you need, you’re welcome to bring it.

Walking meditation is another practice we do from time to time, and instructions are given before we start.

The first Wednesday of the month is Beginners’ Mind, and it’s great for people who’ve never done any meditation ever as well as the rest of us who know that every time we sit it’s just like starting over. Click here to download some really simple meditation instructions you can use at home.

At the end of some sessions, we may spend three or four minutes recollecting what happened during our meditation, followed by discussion.


When we pause, and let our mind rest, we feel better – there’s no great mystery in this, the only mystery is why we don’t do it more often


Evenings sometimes include a short guided meditation, and we always finish with conversation, tea and biscuits.

If you find sitting meditation hard, download this PDF which outlines six other simple ways you might try to meditate.


We also organise study groups, run daylong workshops, and more – get in touch for more info