There’s no charge for One Mindful Breath events

All expenses of the One Mindful Breath event you take part in have been covered by the generosity of those who enjoyed previous events. Of course, we want to be able to continue to offer more opportunities to practice, and learn. So that others may benefit, we welcome your dana – a koha – for the teachings, as well as a koha to support the community.

Because everything we offer is on the basis of dana, we are helping to create an economy based on generosity. An acknowledgement of our interconnectedness and our interdependence, generosity has sustained dharma teachings since the time of Gotama, the Buddha, around 2,500 years ago. 

Paying forward in this way, Your generosity will be greatly appreciated by people you may never meet

To understand the reasons we ask people to be generous rather than set a price, take a look at this post on the secular Buddhist website. The US meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg writes beautifully on the need to take a chance on generosity on the On Being blog.

Generosity is the bread and butter of feeling connected in our lives – to ourselves, to others, and to life itself. And it’s a practice.
— Sharon Salzberg

Whether you’re in Wellington or elsewhere, if you’ve found this website to be valuable, if you can make good use of any of the material freely offered here, or if you would like to encourage and support the concept of a secular dharma, you are invited to offer a donation.

Supporting One mindful breath

Thanks to Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust, support for One Mindful Breath can be offered by bank transfer to 38 9019 0064662 03. New Zealand taxpayers may be eligible to receive a tax rebate on your donation from the IRD – to get a receipt for a donation send the ABET administrator an email

If you have a job and would like to support One Mindful Breath with a regular donation by Payroll Giving through Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust, download this form, complete it and hand it to the person at work who handles payroll.

With a VISA or MasterCard debit card or credit card, you can donate to ABET for One Mindful Breath through Givealittle and get a receipt that may enable you to receive a tax rebate from the IRD. In the comment box please type ‘One Mindful Breath’.

Set up in 2009, Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust enables more people to attend more retreats and workshops in New Zealand offered by secular insight meditation teachers, more often and more affordably. 

Supporting the teachers

You can also support One Mindful Breath teachers with charitable donations:

Linda Modaro – 38 9019 0064662 06
Martine & Stephen Batchelor – 38 9019 0064662 01
Ramsey Margolis – 02 1246 0675192 54 • not a charitable donation 1246 0675192 53 • not a charitable donation
Winton Higgins – 38 9019 0064662 05
All other teachers – 38 9019 0064662 03 • ref: teacher’s name

Thank You

Gratitude to Nick Hughes for creating this website, to Sotonian Jim Champion for many of the images, as well as to everyone who’s put a contribution in the box at an event and supports us through Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust, enabling us to offer the teachings and experience of the practice without a fixed fee. Thanks also to Sarah Jane Barnett who looks after the community’s social media presence, and all those who book the rooms, put out the chairs, welcome people, bring tea & bikkies, clear up at the end of a session, answer your calls, texts and emails, look after the community’s funds, and so much more. Words and spaces corralled by Ramsey Margolis.