Find out how simple it can be
at a One Mindful Breath
meditation session



+ learn to practice mindfulness
+ deepen or refresh your practice
+ find a friendly group of people to meditate with, or
+ dip a sceptical toe into the stream of secular Buddhism

Come to the Friends’ Centre in Moncrieff St, Mt Victoria on a Wednesday evening at 7:15pm. If you’ve never ever meditated before we strongly recommend starting off at the first Wednesday of the month.

Just turn up

People with all levels of meditation experience are welcome to all our sessions, including total, complete and absolute beginners, and there’s no such thing as a silly question.

And while there’s no charge to attend any of our events, a contribution towards future events is gladly accepted.

When we find it hard to follow meditation instructions we think that the problem is ours, and has nothing to do with the instructions. Perhaps these aren’t the right instructions for us, we may think. In reality, meditation is about discovering what works for us and what doesn’t, and this we have to see for ourselves. No-one can tell us the right way to meditate, so we can’t do it wrong.
— Ramsey Margolis