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Weekly Meetup: Chakra meditation

  • Wellington Friends’ Centre 7 Moncrieff Street Wellington, Wellington, 6011 New Zealand (map)

Join us for our weekly Wednesday meditation. In disciplines such as yoga, seven major intersections of energy are believed to run from the tailbone to the crown of the head. These bundles of energy are called chakras which in Sanskrit means "wheel" or "disk". Each chakra corresponds to different parts of our anatomy, our emotional and mental issues as well as physical dysfunctions. 

In this One Mindful Breath session we will be exploring the concept of chakras and practice a guided chakra meditation that involves a focus on all seven energy centres. Typically, the intention is to open and stimulate each energy centre and to improve the flow of our life energy.

Doors open at 7:15pm, we start at 7:30, and our evening together ends with tea and biscuits. No registration is needed for this event – simply turn up! Please note that there is no fixed fee for this event, but dana (donations) are gratefully accepted.

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Image credit: “Meditate” by Jenny Downing used under CC BY 2.0.