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Putting the four tasks into practice – a personal case study

  • Wellington Friends’ Centre 7 Moncrieff Street Mount Victoria Wellington (map)

On 18 July, we welcomed Jonathan Wood to One Mindful Breath’s Wednesday evening session. He started meditating when he was studying psychology in the USA but at that time, his practice was TM in which a person concentrates on the repetition of a mantra.

Around the year 2000, by then living in Wellington, he discovered the dharma. Jonathan became a member of the secular insight meditation sangha that OMB’s Ramsey Margolis was running at the time. In 2011 Jonathan moved with his wife and two children to Brisbane.

Jonathan has a regular meditation practice and teaches intro to mindfulness courses for Mindfulness Works. He talked with us about desire, craving and putting the Buddha’s four tasks into practice.

Jonathan Wood.jpg

Jonathan first started meditating in the 1980s, and he discovered secular dharma practice in Wellington around 20 years ago.

Like many people, his practice has been a bit sporadic and has to be fitted into a busy life being a dad and working full time as a programme manager with Children’s Health Queensland.

However, he finds that living the practice has changed (and is changing) his life for the better, and he continues to try and walk the path every day.