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Commit to sit for June

Add some juice to your practice

For the 30 days of June, what commitment can you make to deepen your practice?

  • Will you commit to a daily practice?
  • Can you add 15 minutes to your current practice?
  • Could you commit to 30 hours of practice in 30 days?
  • Will you engage in 5 weekly face-to-face meetings on Wednesday evenings?
  • Would you commit to a full day of practice and discussion on Saturday 9 July?
  • Are you able to observe 1 minute of silence each day at midday?

To create a new habit

It helps to do it with others. To make it easier for ourselves, we decided to COMMIT TO SIT during June.


Wherever you are

Whether you’re in Wellington or somewhere else, use Insight Timer app on your phone or tablet and commit to sit, meditating with the rest of us on Wednesday evenings from 7:30 to 8:10 – and every day for 1 minute at midday.


Start with 1 minute

By committing to 1 minute of silence each day at midday – wherever you may be, stop, and be in silence for all beings for 1 minute. If others are with you, invite them to join you.



We invite you to develop your meditation habit by joining us daily at midday wherever you are, on the five Wednesday evenings in June from 7:15 at the Quaker Centre in Moncrieff St, Mt Victoria, Wellington, and on Saturday 9 July to celebrate the month you decided to COMMIT TO SIT.


Daily practice

Is a muscle that needs developing. Commit to practice each and every day. Pause at noon each day. Add 15 minutes to your regular practice, or a second daily practice.


Face-to-face teaching

Is essential to a developing a worthwhile dharma practice. Make the month of June your opportunity to taste the Simply Meditation difference on the five Wednesday evenings and at our Saturday session.



Your month of commitment at the July 9 day of practice. We recommend registering early either by text to 021 400 960, by email to or on



There are many ways to participate in and support not just Simply Meditation but also living beings who will continue to be born and die on this planet in a future you will never know. For the best way you can serve, have a word with someone on a Wednesday evening.


Heartfelt generosity

Sharing what we have, is one of the central pillars of the life of a dharma practitioner. In the act of giving, we develop our ability to let go, cultivate a spirit of caring and acknowledge our interdependence. To find out how to donate take a look at this web page.