Using your phone/tablet/computer

To time your meditations ... and more

We’ve been using an app called Insight Timer to time Simply Meditation Wednesday evening sessions since the end of last year.

To begin with, we used the free version and so long as timing the session was all we wanted it was just fine. Having upgraded to the paid version for USD $2.99, we find we are able to connect with others who use the app, not just in Wellington but around the world.


With the paid version of the app it’s possible to see else is sitting with you at any point in time if they're geographically close to you, whether they’re doing a plain vanilla meditation or a guided meditation. If you're in the same group, you can be aware of sitting at the same time and message each other.

There’s probably heaps more to it, and their website shows how much they’re developing the capabilities of the app.

If you purchase it, you may wish to join the app’s Simply Meditation group and while you're doing that I recommend joining the Secular Buddhism in Aotearoa New Zealand group. As I have an interest in recollective awareness meditation, I’ve joined that group too.

So, download the app (IoS or Android) and  if you’re not able to come along on a Wednesday night set it to run from 7:30pm to 8:10pm NZT and wherever in the world you are we will all be sitting together.

Another useful way of building community?