Third Wednesdays in 2019

Each month on the third Wednesday we invite someone from outside Wellington to speak to the One Mindful Breath community on a topic that interests them, and which will engage us. This is what our programme for 2019 looks like – so far. You might like to bookmark this page and come back to it as it will be updated from time to time.

Jan 16th • Lorna Edwards (Cardiff, Wales) with an invitation to share our experiences of being secular dharma students/practitioners in Wellington, Cardiff and ... ? You can watch our conversation with Lorna on YouTube.

Feb 13th • Winton Higgins (Sydney, Australia – in person) spoke on ‘Secular Buddhism and the western search for meaning’. Tracking the ‘know thyself’ aphorism from the ancient Egyptians, through the ancient Greeks (oracle at Delphi) and early Christianity, he showed how these lead to modern iterations, including secular philosophy and psychoanalysis – and the supreme importance of the inner life, the reflective life. His notes can be found here.

Mar 20th • Bernat Font (Barcelona, Spain) who will speak on self-respect. He will be asking: ‘Why do we sit? What motivation is there to be ethical? How do we prevent self-compassion from turning into self-pity?’ For Bernat, one response to all these questions is self-respect. The early texts call this ‘to love the self’. But, wait a minute … didn’t Buddhism say there is no self‽’ More on this here.

Apr 17th • Stephen Batchelor (Aquitaine, France) on solitude

May 15th • Anna Markey (Adelaide, Australia) who will ponder on the reasons we meditate

Jun 19th • Bill Gayner (Toronto, Canada) on emotion-focussed mindfulness therapy

July 17th • Jim Champion (Abingdon, Berkshire) on the middle way

Aug 21st • Laura Bridgman (Devon, England) on exploring your inner critic

Sept 18th • Martine Batchelor (Aquitaine, France) on a topic to be confirmed

Oct 16th • speaker to be confirmed

Nov 20th • Bernd Kaponig (Vienna, Austria) on emotions

Dec 18th • Gay Watson (Devon, England) on emptiness

If you’d like to listen in to these sessions live using Zoom press on or click at 8pm New Zealand time on the third Wednesday of the month.