A plethora of visiting teachers

On the third Wednesday of each month, we invite someone special, generally from outside the community and more often than from from overseas, to speak to the One Mindful Breath meeting. This is what our programme for 2018 looks like.

◼ January 17th
Bernat Font from Barcelona spoke on social media in a wonderful talk titled ‘The FaceBook Sutta (SN57.1)’. You can find a video recording of what he said and the conversation that followed here.

◼ February 21st
Anna Markey in Adelaide spoke on ‘The middle way and dead ends’ – there’s more on this here.

◼ March 21st
Bernd Kaponig from Vienna spoke on ‘selfing’, or anatta, and moha or confusion, concepts that seem to be central to the Buddha’s teaching. You watch a video recording of his talk here.

◼ April 18th
Stephen Batchelor from southwest France spoke on ‘Can Buddhism be an obstacle to practicing the dharma?’ He explored the difference between Buddhism and the dharma in the light of a secular approach to understanding and putting into practice what Gotama taught. You can watch a recording of his talk and our discussion here.

◼ May 16th
Our very own Jan Rivers spoke live on meditation from non-eastern traditions – no Zoom this month, and no recording.

◼ June 20th
Noah Rasheta from Kamas, Utah spoke on holding views lightly, and his journey out of Mormonism. You can watch a recording of his talk and the discussion that followed here.

◼ July 18th
Jonathan Wood in Brisbane will offer a personal case study, speaking on desire, craving and the four tasks.

◼ August 15th
Jim Champion in Southampton

◼ September 19th
Leon Frampton in Invercargill

◼ October 17th
Martine Batchelor in southwest France

◼ November 21st
Winton Higgins in Sydney

◼ December 20th
Juhana Kokkonen will speak to us from from the North Pole on Santa Claus. Well, actually he’s in Helsinki – close enough?

If you’re want to listen in to these sessions live using Zoom click this link at 8pm New Zealand time on the third Wednesday of the month.

This page will be updated from time to time, so bookmark it and come back again.