Allow yourself a little luxury

Do you mow grass outside your home?

Described on RNZ National recently as a ‘green desert’, a lawn is a luxury good, a sign you won’t be needing to graze your sheep on every square cm of your section, and that you’re happy to waste that land. In the same way, those few pieces of leather that are good enough to be used in a luxury handbag send the message that its owner is happy to walk away from all the other parts of the cow’s hide.

At the core of luxury goods we find waste. Luxuries use only the best part of the best tree, the animal, the place; they need extra effort, often unseen, with more space, more resources, and more energy than usual.

But there’s a new kind of luxury, one that offers greater efficiency. Yes, it may save you time, but it also saves the time and resources of the creator. It’s a luxury with renewables at its heart, using resources that might be seen as endless, in smart design, and gives you the satisfaction of knowing that others are benefitting – not paying – for the experience or the object you’re acquiring.

Sitting in meditation regularly is one such luxury: when you sit, reflect, and journal, you benefit not just yourself but over time others will notice the difference in you. 

So don’t just do something, sit there, and luxuriate.