A new name

After coming together for four years as Simply Meditation, from January 2017 Wellington’s secular dharma practice community has a new name:

Bringing together practitioners from differing traditions and from none, at the core of our activities was the Wednesday evening meditation session. That Simply Meditation was much more than simply meditation, though, had been known for a long time as also on offer were what can be described as a menu of opportunities during and around those Wednesday evening sessions.

Before October 2016, every session had by default been a beginners’ evening,  frustrating those who wanted to deepen their practice and explore the teachings around meditation. Now, the first Wednesday of each month is ‘Beginners Mind’, intended as suitable for beginners, although people new to meditation practice may turn up at every session, 

It was agreed that a change of name would be useful. Through a list of possible names developed initially among members of the Simply Meditation care committee, a wide range of options were discussed. Thinking about a name for the community that would suggest the breadth of our intention, the factors considered included:

  • How well does a particular name express what we intend to do and who we believe we are?
  • What does a name say about our values?
  • Who may be attracted by the names we were examining?
  • For whom will a particular name be a barrier?

One Mindful Breath became the preferred name for the community as it suits our wide range of activities, as well as those we intend to do. The strapline ‘a secular dharma practice community’ situates us within a secular Buddhist milieu.

Everything is born within a set of circumstances, and dies in a different set of circumstances. Nothing is perfect, and the change of our name recognises that all things are impermanent, including the dharma. The Community Formerly Known As Simply Meditation will continue to meet and develop, one mindful breath at a time.